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Facebook is now becoming a necessity as well as a trend in this modern era of digitalization where using social site is a must to connect with family, friends and relatives. But with this increasing demand and need of Digitalization, many users have to tackle lots of issues mainly of forgetting their Facebook ID’s password. It is quite difficult to remember their account details. Facebook has been serving to nearly 1.71 Billion of monthly users from February, 2004. Want to know how to recover Facebook Username and Password ?

In this busy world, obviously  everyone do not have enough time and concentration  to remember their account details and afford to losing their old account  details which is actually a mess because every user is highly attached to their Account, Data and precious memories which mostly they cannot get back. Most of the users do not even know that they can get back their details and recover their forgotten Facebook account details and thinks their Facebook account is hacked.

There are many reasons that the user doesn’t remember their Facebook account details and some of them are mentioned below:

1.       Change in the Password a few days back

2.       Issue in recovering their details without phone

3.       Unavailability of associated recovery E-mail address

4.       Change in recovery mail address

5.       Inactive mobile number linked to the account

Most of the users don’t even remember the details they have been provided to Facebook while account creation and to recover their account Password.

One may get their account details through mobile phone/the number associated to their account with the help of verification code they would be getting.

Another procedure to get their details back is the same as above mentioned via their associated Gmail account just by requesting verification code through mail.

Hope you are not the one who is dealing with the problems of forgetting your Facebook Username or Password or who can’t remember Facebook password.

For further queries you may contact our Facebook Support Phone Number.